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You can buy from Codeintra Any Product using multiple Payment Options. Choose which best suits you. Select the item -> Check The item details and ensure that it meets your needs -> checkout. After checkout, you can download the item.
No Worries, Sometimes it happens that You have made a Payment but the Payment Gateway does not send us a Payment Confirm Query, It Will be Updated Within 2 Hours. If after that time you do not see any download item option under your profile then feel free to contact us we will enable it for you. Contact us here.
In this case, you have to do no worry, Just contact the item author, and within working hours they will fix it. Open the item page -> Select Vendor -> Support
If you face any error or bug in the item please contact the Author immediately to fix it for you. Note:- CodeIntra All Authors Will Have to Provide Free Support till Your Item Not Well Functional as Shown in The Demo.
If you have purchased an item and need the author's help to fix something in that item and he is not responding for 5 days You can contact us to report that Author And our Support Team Will help you.
Yes, Updates are always free. When Updates are Available You Can Download them From Download Option Under Your Profile Dashboard.
No Worries, Codeintra is an Open Author Platform, If You Have Any Item And Want to Sell or Resell it on Codeintra, You Can Sell it But That Product or Item Should Not be on CodeIntra Before. (Means Duplicate Products or Item Not Allowed.) And You Should Provide Help & Updates to Your Buyers. If the Original Author Will Upload Their Items then We Can Remove Your Item.

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