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Codeintra Affiliate Program?

Refer new customers to Codeintra and receive 5% of their purchases. Spread the word & start making money. You will receive commission from all customers that sign up after clicking on your affiliate links.

Joining the affiliate program is easy and free - all you have to do is register and complete the application process. As an affiliate, you'll receive a unique referral link to promote our product on your website, social media channels, or emails. Whenever someone uses your referral link to make a purchase, you'll earn a commission on the sale!

How to Create your affiliate links?

The Most Trusted Digital Marketplace For Buy or Selling Digital Goods

To be able to use our affiliate program. You will need to link to Codeintra using your affiliate links.

Add "?ref=userid" to a link, replace userid with your Codeintra userid and you are ready to go.

Below are the some examples:

Item page:
Shop page:
Category listing:
Codeintra Affiliate Links

Social Sharing Affiliate Links

The Most Trusted Digital Marketplace For Buy or Selling Digital Goods

Codeintra Affiliate Links

On every item's page there are share buttons to share an item across several social networks including Facebook and Twitter. If you are logged in, you will automatically share your affiliate link. Just click on any share button and you will receive commission on every referred sale.

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Share Affiliate Links By Our Image Banners

For your convenience we have created ready-to-use affiliate banners for your website or apps. Feel free to use them on your website. We have packed them in one .zip file.

Codeintra Affiliate Links

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