Premium Voice & Text Translater -Android Multi Language

Premium Voice & Text Translater -Android Multi Language
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17Jun 2023

If you are looking for a translator, that quickly and accurately translate any text, voice, photo & picture from a foreign one to your native language or vice versa, this one is for you. You don’t need the help of a live translator anymore! Feel free to translater a spanish, russian, italian, japanese, french, portuguese and more than 50 languages.

Features Language Translator

The service that functions in the “speak and translate” format. It identifies the speech automatically.
Text & Audio translation app
The service translates separate words, phrases or text. You can either let it listen to spoken languages. The multi-language translation will be carried out instantly and precisely. You will be able to see the translation and listen to it.
AI Photo Translator
Thanks to the OCR technology, the camera translator can easily recognize written characters. Show it a road sign, a restaurant menu, a document, a foreign newspaper or translate text from images by choosing from the gallery. Smart algorithms independently translate using the camera.
Talks mode
Thanks to the conversation mode, you can easily understand your interlocutor, and he will be able to understand you. Just touch the “speech recognition” button and speak in the dialogue format.
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