60 Games Ultimate Bundle - Android Studio Trending Game

60 Games Ultimate Bundle - Android Studio Trending Game
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1 Feb 2023

  1. Project is updated to support Android 13
  2. Simple Tap gameplay with HD graphics and Beautiful UI
  3. Soothing music added which blends with gameplay
  4. Admob ads Implemented (banner, Interstitial and Reward Videos)
  5. Very Easy to reskin, simple object and shapes are are used to build the game
  6. When a player dies, he can continue game by watching a reward video ad (more revenue)
  7. Users can unlock characters by watching reward video ads (more revenue)
  8. Game rating on play store screen
  9. Share game screen
  10. More games screen
  11. Step-by-Step video guide is included, even a person without any programming knowledge can do the reskin
  12. Support in Whatsapp
Game Demo APK’s
60 Game Bundle Demo APK
60 Demo Apk Zip File Click Here to Download
List of game templates
1-trickytrap 2-jumpup 3-forawrd 4-impossiblebounce 5-dotlines 6-transvenia 7-zigjump 8-lapuq 9-jumpin 10-thedot 11-umbleranger 12-dropball 13-kolorchallenge 14-splashracing 15-spacejumper 16-skullraider 17-ballflow 18-bouncingcolorz 19-blocky 20-sliderball 21-zigrun 22-colorshooter 23-cubejump 24-happyrabbit 25-harrydodge 26-jumperjhon 27-pixeldash 28-redballstunt 29-rimba 30-slowsplash 31-worldjumper 32-aquajumper 33-freeflow 34-stormjumper 35-cubecity 36-dashybird 37-dwno 38-dungeonswitch 39-ballhop 40-jumperman 41-highmountracing 42-underworld 43-impossiblecaves 44-samsworld 45-monkeyrun 46-monsteradventure 47-pixelrunner 48-colormatch 49-slidersanta 50-colorjump 51-wargala 52-followline 53-extrememotochicken 54-planetrunner 55-cavebox 56-wallspike 57-duoballs 58-quickrunner 59-jaysbicyclerace 60-swipeanddash
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For example if you need paid support or reskin or installation then pay on codeintra here, then contact the author to help you, codeintra will send payment to that author after the work has been finished.

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