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Product Information

Coder Light

Coder Light

  • Version3 August 2023
  • Last Update12-May-2024
  • Release Date 10-May-2024
  • CategoryCore PHP
Color game is an exciting and popular predicting game that has been gaining traction in recent days. Players have three minutes to correctly predict the color of a given image, with a successful prediction leading to victory. This platform also provides users the opportunity to make money by playing this fun and engaging game. Color Game offers players an entertaining way of making money while enjoying themselves at the same time!.
Admin :
username : admin
Password : 123456
User :
Mobile : 9610140012
Password : 123456

✅ Multiple Parity Color Prediction Game

✅ Application Roles

  1. Admin
  2. User

✅ Admin Feature

  1. Admin Login
  2. Manage all registered users (edit, delete, update)
  3. Monitor all betting records of the game
  4. Monitor all Deposit records of users
  5. Manage all bank records of users provided for withdrawal
  6. Monitor withdrawal request form users
  7. Send payment to users
  8. Update payment withdrawal request
  9. Monitor withdrawal records of users
  10. Monitor referral records of users
  11. Manage wallet balance records
  12. Update rules of the game
  13. Update privacy policy and terms and conditions
  14.  Monitor all profit records

✅ User Features

  1. Login and Register
  2. Login with valid mobile number and password
  3. Forget their password after Providing Some Correct Information
  4. Update their Profile
  5. Update their Password
  6. Play color prediction game
  7. Make money through color prediction game
  8. Update their bank records for withdrawal
  9. Manage their wallet
  10. Monitor all betting records
  11. Monitor all deposit records
  12. Monitor all withdrawal records
  13. Send withdrawal request to admin
  14. Earn money from referral program

✅ Referral Features

  1. Any User register with referral code that user get by default (admin can change referral bonus value)
  2. If Any User Register with without referral code that user get by default

✅ Installation Support 

After purchase you will get contact number in file and you have to message install color code on WhatsApp then we will guide you to install.

Note:- Do not share any personal contact information while chating or discussing on the item. All the support is provided by using this web support chat facility. If any user or author violate the rules of our marketplace, he/she will be banned.
If any author ask or demand payment for extra work, then we suggest you that do not send any direct payment to any users and author for your work or installation or reskin etc. Just make the payment via our platform and be safe.

For example if you need paid support or reskin or installation then pay on codeintra here, then contact the author to help you, codeintra will send payment to that author after the work has been finished.

Contact the Author Buy Reskin and Installation Support

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