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Product Information

Coder Light

Coder Light

  • Version26 March 2024
  • Last Update15-Apr-2024
  • Release Date 15-Apr-2024
  • CategoryAndroid Studio

“Women Lose Weight & Water Reminder” is one of the finest & leading app to synergies you lose your weight!

Want to lose your weight and burn fat at home! This app can help you in this pendemic at foremost safe place which you can opt. You can lose belly and arm fat by various workouts. This app helps you to lose weight in a fast and safe way. It improves your health and fitness.

There are workout plethora of plans which contain full body, butt & leg, abs & arm workouts to get in absolute perfect shape body.

Please note that all the content related to exercise including texts, images, videos or any other data in the application is the third party data.

Special Features:

  • Water Remainder Tracker
  • Track Weight loss progress
  • 4 difficult workouts levels which is relevant to everybody
  • Workouts video for guidance
  • Coach tips and voice guide available
  • Workouts reminder helps one to be more disciplined
  • Track for daily burned calories
  • No equipment and gym is required
  • App can also track down your water consumption level
  • You can track your weight loss progress by reviewing chart
  • You can create your own workout routines as per requirements
  • To be fit and lose weight, a small amount of time is neede!
  • Clean code comments in all code
  • Cleanly design
  • App Share
  • Rate at playstore
  • Android Studio IDE
  • Latest OS Support
  • Google Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • Firebase Push Notification

What You Get:

  • Full Android Source Code (Kotlin)
  • SQLite Database
  • Documentation
  • With Images, Video Url And Content

Software Version:

  • Android 9.0 to Android 14.0

Changelog & Update History

Version 2.3 (26/03/2024)

- Fixed app crash issue on starting the exercise
- Fixed Ads library-related issue
- Upgrade project to the latest Gradle version 8.3.1

Version 2.2 (09/01/2024)

- Upgraded code to latest version,gradle 8.2

Version 2.1 (30/11/2023)

- Bug Fixes
- Updated dependencies to the latest version

Version 2.0 (02/06/2023)

- Update Library SDK

Version 1.9 (08/11/2022)

- Update Android SDK Version 33
- Update Library
- Update billing library 5.0.0

Version 1.8 (24/06/2022)

- Keep screen on - Issue Fixed
- Facebook ads load issue - Issue Fixed

Version 1.7 (07/06/2022)

- Text to speech set default language

Version 1.6 (21/03/2022)

- Unlock Exercise Bug fix

Version 1.5 (11/03/2022)

- Support Android 12
- Update Library

Version 1.4 (03/01/2022)

- Logo change
- Splash screen change

Version 1.3 (10/11/2021)

- Ads issue fixed

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