PIP & Photo Collage Maker With Photo Editor Android App

PIP & Photo Collage Maker With Photo Editor Android App
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8 Jun 2023

PIP & Photo Collage Maker With Photo Editor & Body Shape Editor is for Make PIP image, Photo collages & edit your photo and make perfect body shape slim & trim with all new features.
Download Demo .apk with admob ads from here
Download Demo .apk with Applovin(Max)ads from here
✔️ Target SDK 33
✔️Support in Android 12 & 13
✔️Attractive & Responsive UI
✔️Support in all devices.
✔️Android Studio Pure Java Code (Recommended Version – 3.6.1)
✔️ Custom gallery to pick images form storage
✔️ Photo Collage Maker with all new 180+ layouts
✔️ Photo Collage Maker with all new layout for 1×1 to 10×10 collage photo layouts with adjust layouts, new stickers, text styles, background colours
✔️ PIP Collage Maker with all new 44+ PIP frames
✔️ PIP Collage Maker with all new PIP layouts with new stickers, text styles
✔️ Scrapbook with all new new stickers, text styles, background pictures
✔️ Photo Editor with all new photo filter with beauty filter, stickers, add text , Image Cropper & rotate image and more
✔️ Share, delete & repost your saved Images
✔️ Body Shape Editor for make your body, face, hip, chest & waist slim & trim
✔️My Creation for view, delete, share & repost all downloaded media
✔️Onesignal Push Notification for all users
✔️Admob Ads with Full width Banner, Native and Interstitial
✔️MAX (Applovin) ads with FB bidding ads Ads (Banner, Native and Interstitial)
✔️Rate App, Share App, More App & Privacy Policy included
What You Get With Project?
✔️Full Android App Source Code with Admob Ads & Facebook Ads
✔️Full Setup Document (included app & Onesignal setup)

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