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Product Information

Krishna Apps

Krishna Apps

  • Version1
  • Last Update12-Apr-2024
  • Release Date 13-Jan-2024
  • CategoryAndroid Studio
Krishna Tracker Live Location is a innovative app which empowering you to effortlessly discover, track lost/stolen mobile device online or if you found then you can also unblock your mobile.


β™šKey Features:
🏡 CEIR - Block Your Lost/Stolen Mobile (CEIR)
🏡 TAFCOP - Know Your Mobile Connections (TAFCOP)
🏡 KYI - Know Your Wireline Internet Service Provider (KYI)
🏡 RICWIN - Report Incoming International Call Number
🏡 Data Speed - Explore Data Speeds of Your Mobile Operator
🏡 Mobile Theft - Request online for blocking lost/stolen mobile
🏡 CEIR Status - Check lost/stolen Mobile Request Status
🏡 Unblock Mobile - Request for un-blocking recovered/found mobile
🏡 Calendar - Check Holiday which is approved by Government
🏡 FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions About All these Services

🏡 CEIR module facilitates tracing of the lost/stolen mobile devices. This also facilitates blocking of lost/stolen mobile devices in network of all telecom operators so that lost/stolen devices cannot be used in India. If anyone tries to use the blocked mobile phone, its traceability is generated. Once mobile phone is found it may be unblocked on the portal for its normal use by the citizens.

🏡 TAFCOP module facilitates a mobile subscriber to check the number of mobile connections taken in his/her name. It also facilitates to report the mobile connection(s) which are either not required or not taken by the subscriber.

🏡 Know Your Wireline Internet Service Provider (KYI) module facilitates citizens to check the details of Wireline Internet Service Providers (ISPs). The module enables the citizens to search for presence of any ISP across the length and breadth of the country by entering PIN code, address or name of the ISP.

🏡 RICWIN module facilitates citizens to report the incoming international calls received with local Indian number (+91-xxxxxxxxxx). RICWIN enables citizens to be government’s eye to report such calls for busting/unearthing suspected illegal telecom setups which cause loss to Government's exchequer and pose threat to national security.

🏡 What is CEIR?
A Central Equipment Identity Register [β€œCEIR”] is a centralized database of mobile equipment identifiers (i.e. IMEI for networks of GSM standard). Such an identifier is assigned to each SIM slot of the mobile device. Such a CEIR may include the following lists:
White list for devices that are allowed to register in a cellular network,
Black list for devices that are prohibited registration in a cellular network, and
Grey for devices in intermediate status (i.e. when it is not yet defined whether the device should be placed in the white list or the blacklist).

The CEIR acts as a central system for all network operators connected to their EIRs to share blacklisted mobile devices so that devices blacklisted in one network will not work on other networks even if the SIM card in the device is changed.

🏡 Why CEIR is required?
The CEIR (Central Equipment Identity Register) is a centralized system implemented to manage and track mobile devices using their International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) numbers. It will help in combating mobile device theft and misuse.

🎯 DISCLAIMER: This app is only for helping purpose of Indian Users Only. I and Krishna Apps Does not Included in this by any mean.
Note:- Source code can not be provided, you can hire us to make the apk or aab file for you and play store with your own info like- name, logo, ads etc

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