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Product Information



  • Version16 Sep 2023
  • Last Update12-Apr-2024
  • Release Date 15-Dec-2023
  • CategoryHTML Dashboard

Vristo – Multipurpose Tailwind CSS Admin Template

Vristo – Multipurpose Tailwind CSS Admin Template is a powerful CRM admin template based on Tailwind CSS. It comes with a bunch of working apps to build your next back-end application with ease.
Our CRM Admin theme contains collections of well-designed demos that will save you a lot of time and effort by not having to start from scratch. Vristo admin template also comes with multitude of reusable components such as buttons, charts, widgets, forms, tables and a bunch of elements that you can include in your project. The design is responsive and is 100% adapted to mobile devices of all sizes.
With its applications, components and pages included – Vristo admin template is an excellent starting point for your next project.
If you’re a developer looking for an admin template that is developer-friendly, rich with features, and highly customisable look no further than Vristo admin template. We’ve followed the highest industry standards to bring you the very best admin template that is not only fast and easy to use but highly scalable. Offering ultimate convenience and flexibility, you’ll be able to build whatever application you want with very little hassle.

Get started quickly

Vristo admin template is user-friendly and straightforward, making it fast and simple to get started. It also comes equipped with ready-to-go templates including two dashboards and 8 Applications :
  • Chat
  • Mailbox
  • Todo list
  • Notes
  • Scrumboard
  • Contacts
  • Invoice
  • Calendar
  • User Profile

Vristo admin template features

  • Build with Tailwind CSS
  • Build with HTML 5
  • Build with AngularJS
  • Build with ReactJS
  • Build with VueJS
  • Build with NextJS
  • Build with NuxtJS
  • Build with PHP
  • Build with Laravel
  • Build with ReactJS + Laravel
  • Build with VueJS + Laravel
  • Build with CakePHP
  • Build with CodeIgnitor
  • Build with Symfony
  • Build with Django
  • Build with Ruby on Rails
  • Build with AdonisJS
  • Build with Vite
  • Figma Available
  • Pure Javascript, No jQuery Dependency
  • i18n Multilingual Support
  • Code Splitting, Lazy loading
  • Fully Responsive Layout
  • Multiple Dashboard
  • Multiple navigation styles (Vertical/Horizontal/Collapsible)
  • Multiple Layouts (Full Width/Boxed)
  • Multiple Layouts (Full Width/Boxed)
  • Multiple Navbars (Static/Floating/Sticky)
  • Light, Dark & Semi Dark mode
  • Flexible Charts
  • Custom design for DataTables
  • Pre-built Apps (Chat, Mailbox, Todo List, Notes, Scrumboard, Contacts, Invoices, Calendar, User Profile etc.)
  • Pre-built Pages (FAQs, Helpdesk, Privacy Policy, Coming Soon, Error Pages, etc.)
  • Multiple Authentication pages layouts
  • Pricing
  • Lightbox
  • Drag & Drop
  • Feather & Fontawesome Icons
  • Unlimited Template Possibilities
  • Organized Folder Structure
  • Clean & Commented Code
  • Well Documented
  • FREE Lifetime Updates
  • 6 months of free support included
  • And Many More…

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