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Product Information

Rohan Gupta

Rohan Gupta

  • Last Update12-Apr-2024
  • Release Date 16-Nov-2023
  • CategoryCore PHP
Harness the power of networking with our fully-developed DigitalCard platform source code. This comprehensive package equips entrepreneurs and developers with a ready-to-launch digital visiting card solution.

Key Features:
  1. User-Friendly Dashboard: Allows users to create and manage digital cards with ease.
  2. Multi-Platform Sharing: Enables seamless sharing across devices and channels.
  3. Customizable Themes: 20 premium designs adaptable for any brand identity.
  4. Integrated E-Commerce: Includes a built-in store for products and services.
  5. Reseller Ready: White label capabilities for reselling under your brand.
Top Highlights:
  • 25 Premium Themes: A rich selection of customizable designs that cater to diverse professional aesthetics.
  • White Label Franchise/Reseller/Website: Full rebranding rights for entrepreneurial expansion and reseller opportunities.
  • One Business Card, Endless Possibilities: From a single interface, control a multitude of interactive functions:
  1. One-Click Call/WhatsApp/Email/Navigate: Instant communication features to enhance user connectivity.
  2. Add to Contacts: Effortlessly integrate contact details into personal address books.
  3. Website & Social Links: Centralize your digital footprint with direct links.
  4. Unlimited Sharing: Maximize reach with unrestricted card distribution.
  5. Integrated Online Store: Conduct e-commerce with an embedded storefront.
  6. Simple Updates: Keep information current with easy editing tools.
  7. Photo Gallery & YouTube Video Gallery: Showcase visual content effectively.
  8. Payment Section & Enquiry Form: Streamline transactions and queries for a complete business solution.

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