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  • Last Update12-Apr-2024
  • Release Date 14-Jan-2024
  • CategoryUnity
Money maker – If you want to make money with casino games, this is the best app in the store.
You can publish this app on Android, Amazon, iOS & Windows Store. Unity it is an amazing tool that we have used(super easy to use too).
When I buy something I like to see proof that the product I am buying is proven and has made money before, so want to show you something.


If you don’t think that you can make money with this app then you really need to give it a second thought. Read and be amazed.
Awesome Mini-Games
  • – One mini-game appears when you win under 5.000
  • – Second mini-game when you win between 5.000 and 10.000
  • – Third mini-game when the player wins over 10.000
– Super Jackpots
– 2X, 3X & 4X Win
– Change how often do you want your players to win.
Amazing Jackpots.
  • – Progressive Jackpot( player wins the progressive jackpot at a random spin, between 1 and 100 spin).
  • – Normal Jackpot can be won when the player gets the jackpot icons.
Free coins after 3 hours.
Free coins when you have 0 coins.
– Admob Interstitial added and you can control it when to appear
– Chartboost interstitial and video reward.
– Roulette bonus game
– You can change the winning percentage as you wish. If you want your users to win more, then put it higher.
– Google Analytics. We have added GA so you can track your users easily.
Made for rookies. If you are just trying to get into this business then this app is made for you, super easy to reskin and extremely easy to make money with.

Money Making - Cash Flow

I want to start by saying that if you are looking into buying a source code that will make you good money then this is the one. This app is 100% made to make money. If you are looking for an application that is going to make you money and be SUPER easy to re-skin, you found it.
We are giving you everything you need to start making money; tutorial, .psd files and a guide of how you should reskin it in order to make money.
We have integrated Admob and Chartboost because they are the best so far for slot machines.
  • – You can choose after which spin the ads will appear, we did it for both Chartboost and Admob(you can pick for each).
    – Players will watch a video when they hit 0 coins, this way you make more money.
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